Do Germans have a sense of humor?

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Unequivocally, yes. Here is proof, but only if you understand the lyrics. If you don’t, it’s probably just another weird German thing. Either way, please enjoy this perfect satire/parody/homage trifecta: Rammstein were just getting their start when I lived in … Read More

I <3 Linus Torvalds

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From Slashdot: Linus Torvalds Tells Anti-Vaxxer To Shut Up On Linux Mailing List Original post from Linus here.

Is QAnon a game gone wrong?

Fascinating and features some of my favorite cult awareness/conspiracy debunking heroes: Financial Times Video: Is QAnon a game gone wrong?

Milo has moved away to college …

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… and the day before he moved, I had a perfect day with him. We headed up to San Luis Obispo on Saturday morning to find him a place to live. The drive to SLO is beautiful and never gets old … Read More

How is this even possible?

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Why are there snuff videos appearing in my Apple News feed? Why are they (seemingly) part of mainstream news? This is not the first time that something like this has appeared in the feed. I’m going to start keeping track … Read More

Zen and the Art of iPhone Maintenance

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About a year ago I bought a used, unlocked iPhone 6 for $260 on eBay for Milo. The phone worked well for a few months and then Milo started having problems with the lightning port. The plug wasn’t staying in … Read More

Mexico Vacation Vid

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A short little video of our latest Las Gaviotas vacation. Surf’s up! Full quality download (~600MB) available here or there’s always youtube:

“This is not the realm of priests.”

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Having finally sobered up after I stopped going to AA meetings, I found this an interesting read. My own experiences with problem drinking, the “program”, and my success afterwards, are reflected in many of the descriptions in the article. I never … Read More

Turns out …

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… upgrading a 9 year old iMac with an SSD is worthwhile too. Although I had to re-purchase, download, and create a bootable USB stick of OSX 10.7 Lion to format the new drive. But what the hell, now I … Read More

“Maybe they can’t afford the small piece of cable …”

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Hilarious response by Level 3 to Verizon’s boohooing about asymmetrical peering relationships due to Netflix and their ilk: Verizon’s Accidental Mea Culpa Somebody remind me why are we arguing about net neutrality? Oh right, it’s not the bandwidth consumers arguing, it’s ISPs seeking … Read More