Hello and welcome to the updated Klein family website. I am posting photo galleries here along with the occasional family movie and blog post. Individual galleries have links above and the first few are already available. I know I can post photos etc. to Facebook* but a couple of times a year (it seems) they make creepy privacy changes or functionality changes that I don’t like. So for the things that I prefer to maintain control over, back to the old school way. Plus I get to teach myself more CSS, HTML5, and Markdown stuff while working inside the fun and free WordPress CMS. Good times!

The previous incarnation of www.onlineklein.net (last updated in 2010) can be found in the archive section, which is also accessible through a link above. If you are feeling particularly nostalgic for old (and ugly) web design, the Way Back Machine is a fun way to go back in time, not just to hurt your eyeballs on old onlineklein.net iterations, but for all the other old sites out there too …



* This paragraph was written before Cambridge Analytica, Trump, genocide, etc.